JAMmed Studio presents: Painting I (For Adults)

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Friday, February 10, 2017 to Monday, April 3, 2017
See event description for specific times each day.
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Jessica McVicker
unit #503 44th st
Yellowknife, NT
JAMMed Studio

Ages: Adult (all levels are welcome from beginner to intermediate)

Price: $250 (one full day and three 3 hour sessions) includes materials

February Dates & Times: 6-9pm Friday February 10th, 6-9pm Friday February 17th, 6-9pm Friday February 24th, 10am - 3:30pm Sunday March 5th.

March Dates & Times: 6-9pm Wednesday March 8th, 6-9pm Wednesday March 13th, 6-9pm Wednesday March 22nd, 10am - 3:30pm Sunday April 3rd.

Location: YK Centre Mall (same mall as the grocery store), Lower level across from Gourmet Cup

This course is designed to find what really appeals to each individual. The classes will cover: colour theory, tone using paint, composition, different techniques, and styles, and use of shadows. In the end the student will come away with a completed 16x20” art piece and many other 8x10" projects which will have helped them to understand more thoroughly about painting and their inner artistic voice. 

Week 1
We will introduce colour theory and become familiar with our painting tools. We will learn how to mix and achieve many varieties of colours just by using the primary colours (red, yellow and blue). We will do various colour charts and explore how the complimentary colours interact with one another.

Week 2
Its all about composition this week. We will delve into the meaning of objects in your composition, tension points and all sorts of ways to give your picture meaning. We will also explore the rule of thirds and do various exercises to help us understand these principles. After this we will sit back and do a short painting.  

Week 3
We will be having a warm up group exercise. After this we will be learning about the ways in which other artists paint in acrylic and we will try and emulate those techniques.

Week 4
Jessica A. McVicker (the instructor) will be giving a live demonstration of how she approaches painting from start to the middle of the process. For this full class we will be immersing ourselves in our final project: a 16x20" painting. The class will have already brought their own picture or idea of what they would like to paint.
At the end of class we will show off the pictures and talk about the good aspects in each of the pieces.

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