Project Potluck

Type of event:


Sunday, September 3, 2017
12 am - 3 pm
Somba K'e Park
Yellowknife, NT
Somba K'e Park

This is a community potluck/picnic to celebrate what makes our community unique and wonderful through food and conversation. It is being thrown together by caring community members. Yellowknife Online was asked to help promote it. 

So what is #ProjectPotluck?

The idea of #ProjectPotluck came from Calgary based chef Julie Van Rosendaal who was tired of the negative imagery constantly being shown in the news and online and wanted to show something positive and have it spread far and wide instead. And show that love is more powerful than hate. She explained it this way on her Facebook Page Dinner with Julie: 

"Wouldn’t it be great if we could combat all the images of angry torch-bearing racists with images of people carrying casseroles? And curries and baklava and pie — to a backyard barbecue or picnic? To have peaceful pluralist potlucks and picnics everywhere, and use those garden torches to illuminate conversation and real connection? To gather people in our communities and spread the message that bigotry and hate are unacceptable, that love wins — and brings pie?"

How do I get involved?

This event is simple. Everyone is welcome. If you can, pack a picnic or a potluck dish of your own liking you want to share, find a patch of grass, a picnic table, a park bench, or bring your own table, chairs or lawn chair. Then simply wander, mingle, chat, eat, see what others have brought, share, trade and learn some things. If you can't bring anything, come anyway.

This event is about making positive connections with other community members, celebrating with them, enjoying some food and showing that hate is unacceptable and love wins.

Things you might want to bring:

- Shareable potluck or picnic dish - As much or as little as you can
- Reusable plates and cutlery
- Picnic blanket
- Lawn chair
- Foldable table
- Garden Torch (to spur conversation - not to be lit or stuck in park grass) 

To understand more about this project, read the post found here: 

Later in the evening at Somba K'e Civic Plaza will be the City of Yellowknife's first Movie in the Park event, featuring the family movie Trolls. The movie will start between 7:30-8pm.