Yellowknife Music Festival Showcase Concert

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017
7 pm
4701 52nd Ave
Yellowknife, NT
Northern Arts and Cultural Centre

The Yellowknife Music Festival was founded in 2009.  It was through the support of the membership of Classics on Stage Yellowknife that the Festival came into being.  We are pleased to announce that the Music Teachers Association-NWT is our sole producer this year.  As a member of the Alberta Music Festival Association we offer classes that will lead to performance opportunities at the Alberta Provincial Music Festival.  Many thanks go to our sponsors: NWT Department of Education and Culture, Capital Suites, Shaw and private donors for their support of our events.

Our Festival celebrates the journey of learning through music performance.  For everyone the journey is different and will start at any age or level.  Our Festival celebrates the talents of the musicians who work hard to perform at a superior level, the teachers who guide the musicians on their path of learning, the parents and friends who support the performers every day along the way, the colleagues who will be looking to join them in music endeavors in the future and the community who are invited to enjoy the music and encourage the musicians as their talent blossoms.  Through the thoughtful and astute comments from the very knowledgeable adjudicators, it is our hope that all participants will grow musically and personally.

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