La Fédération Franco-Ténoise

The Northwest Territories French Federation (FFT) is the mouthpiece of the French-speaking community of the Northwest Territories. Its mission is to promote, encourage and stand up for the cultural, political, economic, social and community life of the native and immigrant French-Canadian citizens.

Since 1978, a team of militant and soluntary workers does the utmost to bring together and intervene on behalf of the flourishing development of the French-speaking community.

In fact, the FFT federates six associated members very much involved in the day to day life of the Francophones and francophiles of the NWT. It also leads and runs five committees: immigration, health, youth, franco50 and literacy.

Dedicated partner for the prosperity of the NWT, the FFT is an important centre of communication, a memory and a watchdog.

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La Fédération Franco-Ténoise


PO Box 1325
Yellowknife X1A 2N9
(867) 920-2919
(867) 873-2158