Tundra Transfer

The power can go out; computers can shut down but if your office is out of coffee - pandemonium reigns. 

Our office coffee service is unrivaled.  Our office coffee representative will regularly visit your station which we will outfit with our state-of-the-art brewing system customized to meet your needs.  He will clean your station and replenish your stock and - in the event of a breakdown, our technician will be on your doorstep to ameliorate the situation with on site service or by installing a temporary brewer so you are never without your caffeine fix.

Our bottled water service is equally reliable.  Our boys will visit your water cooler on a regular schedule and bring you the elixir of R/O water sourced from the Yellowknife River.  One sip of our Clear Arctic Springs' water and your resolution to drink yourself to health, better circulation, weight loss will be satiated.

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Tundra Transfer Ltd.


325 Old Airport Rd.
Yellowknife, NT
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