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NWT Diamond Centre

Visit the NWT Diamond Centre at 5105-49th St. where the stories of Diavik and Snap Lake Mine - located 300 kilometers north of Yellowknife - is told in this interpretive exhibit, showcasing the fascinating geology of kimberlite deposits, the technology of mining in the sub-arctic, and the process to turn a rough stone in a beautiful diamond. Visitors to the centre may purchase diamonds that have been mined, cut and polished in the NWT. The NWT Diamond Centre is open from 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. For more information, please call (867) 920-7108.

YK Beach Volleyball

$60 (Regular Rate) membership fee per player covers league play for the entire summer. It allows members to gain access to up to 3 nights of beach volleyball per week, as well as the opportunity to host weekend Drop-In sessions. 

An additional $10 NWTVA Insurance Fee is required by all participants – if you already played in an NWTVA or YKVA event in 2013, you likely already paid this fee.  If you are unsure, contact ykbeach@gmail.com.

Polar Developments Ltd.

At Polar Developments, we believe that Canada’s north holds a wealth of natural beauty, as well as economic opportunities. If we can contribute by building high quality places for people to live, work, visit, and shop, the north can take full advantage of its potential; as well as remain sustainable for future generations.

Watermark Tower & Anderson Thomson Tower – the combination of apartments and self contained hotel suites in our two towers will meet all of your accommodation needs with elegance, comfort and style.

Tundra Transfer

The power can go out; computers can shut down but if your office is out of coffee - pandemonium reigns. 

Our office coffee service is unrivaled.  Our office coffee representative will regularly visit your station which we will outfit with our state-of-the-art brewing system customized to meet your needs.  He will clean your station and replenish your stock and - in the event of a breakdown, our technician will be on your doorstep to ameliorate the situation with on site service or by installing a temporary brewer so you are never without your caffeine fix.

Tlicho Online Store

The Tlicho Online Store was the idea of the Tlicho Government and the Tlicho Community Services Agency to promote awareness of the Tlicho culture and peoples. To advance, foster, encourage and promote the cultural and social interests of the Tlicho People to rest of Canada. The Tlicho Online Store Official opened online on August 31, 2008. The Tlicho Online Store is under the care and conrol of the Tlicho Investment Corporation which is owned by the Tlicho Government for the Tlicho people.

Northern Arts and Cultural Centre

The Northern Arts and Cultural Centre (NACC) is a 297 seat theatre facility located in Yellowknife, NWT, Canada. It was built with the help of the publisher of the Globe and Mail newspaper whose fundraising efforts raised monies from varied sources across Canada. It is the only fully equipped live performance theatre in the NWT.

La Fédération Franco-Ténoise

The Northwest Territories French Federation (FFT) is the mouthpiece of the French-speaking community of the Northwest Territories. Its mission is to promote, encourage and stand up for the cultural, political, economic, social and community life of the native and immigrant French-Canadian citizens.

Since 1978, a team of militant and soluntary workers does the utmost to bring together and intervene on behalf of the flourishing development of the French-speaking community.

Legislative Assembly of the NWT

Yellowknife is home to the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories, the central seat of government in the NWT. The Legislative Assembly building, which first opened in November 1993, was specifically designed to reflect the landscape of the Northwest Territories while highlighting the openness of its unique consensus style of government.